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Global Cooling Has Begun

By E. Ralph Hostetter   |   Thursday, 20 May 2010 09:58 AM

Carbon dioxide is back in the news again.

A trace in the atmosphere, CO2 constitutes about 38 thousandths of one percent (0.038). CO2 never has been proved to be a harmful substance in its present concentration, nor has it been proved that it can increase or decrease temperature or have any effect on climate change.

Some who claim to be qualified climatologists have produced disastrous threats to the environment by introducing exaggerated amounts of CO2 into the climate equations on the hard drives of their computers.

Specifically, it is their hard drives that are producing "global warming" and all the disastrous threats that a warming globe could face.

But hold on a minute!

That was yesterday. Today the threat that carries real danger to the world's population is global cooling, or the cooling threat.

The cooling threat is coming into being at present — now!

Marc Morano, a student of climate change for nearly 20 years and the founder of Climate Depot in Washington, D.C., has emerged as a leading authority on the subject.

Reporting on the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago on May 16, Morano identifies a prominent U.S. geologist, Don Easterbrook, who is urging the world to "forget about global warming because global cooling has already begun."

Easterbrook is an emeritus professor at Western Washington University who has authored eight books and 150 journal publications. His latest paper is entitled: “The Looming Threat of Global Cooling: Geological Evidence of Prolonged Cooling Ahead and Its Impacts.”

Key excerpts from Easterbrook's presentation at the three-day conference are: "That global warming is over, at least for a few decades, might seem to be a relief. However, the bad news is that global cooling is even more harmful to humans than global warming and a cause for even greater concern because:
  1. A recent study showed that twice as many people are killed by extreme cold than by extreme heat.
  2. Global cooling will have an adverse effect on food production because of shorter growing seasons, cooler growing seasons, and bad weather during harvest seasons. This [cooling effect] is already happening in the Midwestern United States, China, India, and other places in the world. Hardest hit will be third world countries where millions are already near starvation levels.
  3. Increase in per capita energy demands, especially for heating.
  4. Decrease in the ability to cope with problems related to the population explosion. World population is projected to reach more than 9 billion by 2050, an increase of 50 percent. This means a substantial increase in demand for food and energy at a time when both are decreasing because of the cooling climate."
Easterbrook's study produced these conclusions:
  1. Numerous, abrupt, short-lived warming and cooling episodes, much more intense than recent warming/cooling, occurred during the last ice age, none of which could have been caused by changes in atmospheric CO2.
  2. Climate changes in the geologic record show a regular pattern of alternate warming and cooling with a 25- to 30-year period for the past 500 years.
  3. Strong correlation between solar changes, glacier advance and retreat, and global climate allow us to project a consistent pattern into the future.
  4. Strong correlation between solar changes, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), glacier advance and retreat, and global climate allow [scientists] to project a consistent pattern into the future.
  5. Projected cooling for the next several decades is based on past PDO patterns for the past century and temperature patterns for the past 500 years."
The Pacific Decadal Oscillation pattern suggests three possible scenarios:
  1. Global cooling similar to the global cooling of 1945 to 1977.
  2. Global cooling similar to the cool period from 1880 to 1915.
  3. Global cooling similar to the Dalton Minimum from 1790 to 1820."
Easterbrook continues: "The possibility of temperatures dropping to the level of the Dalton Minimum is suggested by a recent passing of the sun from a solar grand maximum to a solar grand minimum similar to that of the Dalton Minimum.

"The unusually long sun spot cycle 23 and the solar magnetic index suggest that a solar minimum similar to the Dalton is very possible. A fourth possibility is that we may be approaching another Maunder-type minimum and another little ice age."

Global warming may have caused a great deal of consternation in the minds of the activists who have been promoting it. But never was there any proof that warmer weather posed a threat to the life of any human being.

Centuries of records and hundreds of bone yards (ossuaries) dot the landscape in France and other European countries, testimony to the cooling period of Medieval times and the era of the bubonic plague.

Millions died and the frozen ground did not lend itself to the digging of graves. The bodies lay on the surface and after decomposition left skeletal bones scattered about; the bones were collected and placed in structures with wire grid fronts, known as ossuaries.

Global cooling offers far more dangers to human life than could ever be dreamed of with global warming.

Warming is better.

E. Ralph Hostetter, a prominent businessman and agricultural publisher, also is a national and local award-winning columnist. He welcomes comments by e-mail sent to eralphhostetter@yahoo.com.

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