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New Obama Ad Is Full of Nonsense

By Herman Cain
Monday, 01 Oct 2012 11:42 AM Current | Bio | Archive

When a candidate for office produces a campaign ad, he can say anything he wants. It doesn’t even have to be true. It should be true. But if voters are willing to take what a candidate says at face value without questioning it, I guess you have to figure a candidate who cares about nothing but electoral success will let fly with the whoppers.

And that’s what President Obama has done in his most recent ad.

A few days ago, I took it apart bit-by-bit in a piece for CainTV. It has a little bit of everything. He starts by lying about what caused the financial meltdown of 2008, and about the condition of the war in Iraq at the time he took office.

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He then goes on to make wild promises — creating 1 million manufacturing jobs, doubling exports, reducing oil imports by 50 percent, reducing tuition increases by 50 percent — that might as well have been promises to give everyone a pony.

And he ends with this award-winner: By ending the war in Afghanistan, he will save enough money that he’ll be able to “pay down the debt” with half of it. The war in Afghanistan is costing us $132 billion this year. Half of that won’t even pay for the next time Obama wants to extend unemployment benefits, let alone “pay down the debt.”

So a candidate for office — in this case, the sitting president of the United States — airs an ad that can only be described as a two-minute-long cacophony of Bolshevik. Facts that are not factual. Promises he can’t possibly keep. And to cap it all off, a mathematical proposition from which we can only conclude that he really doesn’t think you’re paying much attention to what he’s saying.

And that, I fear, may be the real problem here. Obama isn’t going to put out a load of nonsense like this if he thinks the average voter really knows the facts, or is listening critically to his words. And he isn’t going to put out an ad like this if he thinks the major media will put their vaunted “fact checkers” on the case to scrutinize what he says.

But Obama has no fear of any of this. So hey, why not promise 1 million manufacturing jobs? Why not promise to double exports? Why not promise to cut oil imports in half? Who’s going to notice that most of what he’s promising, he doesn’t even have any control over? Who’s going to notice that the few things he could affect, like reducing oil imports, his actual policies will do exactly the opposite of?

It’s a waste of time to lament that the media won’t scrutinize what Obama says. Not only are they in the tank for him, but the approach most of them take to covering the news is so devoid of substance that it really doesn’t even leave room for a serious look at issues like this.

But I hope that undecided voters think critically about what they hear Obama say in his ads. I hope they know that he has no power to create 1 million manufacturing jobs or to deliver on any of the other things he promises (and furthermore, that his policies make it much more difficult to create any new manufacturing jobs). I hope they know that half the cost of the Afghanistan War will not “pay down the debt” as the president claims.

But they’re not going to know unless they learn it somewhere. They’re not going to learn it watching TV news shows that obsess over how a chant sounded at a campaign rally, and they’re not going to learn it in The New York Times.

This is why I’ve been doing the 30-day, 30-city “Truth Tour” sponsored by Job Creators Solutions. Often, the facts I lay out are shocking to members of the audience, who haven’t heard them anywhere else. And I don’t want them to just blindly trust me either. I want them to do their own homework.

Editor's Note: Will Obama Be Defeated? Vote Here!

When the people have all the facts, they make the right decisions. But it’s getting harder for the people to get the facts, especially when the president of the United States can say anything he wants — no matter how outlandish — and no one calls him on it.

People: Do not allow yourselves to be lied to. Search out the facts for yourself. If you do, I know you will make the right decision.

Following the conclusion of his presidential campaign, Herman Cain established The Cain Solutions Revolution, an organization whose mission is to educate the public and advocate for the policy solutions that drove his campaign for the presidency. Read more reports from Herman Cain — Click Here Now.

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When a candidate for office produces a campaign ad, he can say anything he wants. It doesn’t even have to be true. It should be true.

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