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Richmond Tea Party's Nordvig to Moneynews: Abolish IRS, Income Tax

Friday, 12 Jul 2013 02:46 PM

Larry Nordvig, executive director of the Richmond Tea Party, advocates abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service, income taxes and business taxes.

"This country did very well until 1913 without the IRS and without an income tax, so it can be done, it has been done, and we were more profitable before the IRS came along," he told Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview. "I would replace it with the Fair Tax System. That's the only system right now that would completely abolish the IRS."

Nordvig's Fair Tax System essentially amounts to a sales tax. "You pay your taxes at the cash register," he said. "It's a lot [of] what the founding fathers had in mind when they put excise and tariffs as a form of taxation in the Constitution."

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There would be no income tax, no payroll tax and no tax on small businesses, he said.

Editor's Note: Pastor Uses ‘Biblical Money Code’ to Help His Father Retire

The Fair Tax is revenue neutral and includes a progressive scale with a 23 percent cap, Nordvig said.

"The smaller we make government, the more efficient we make government, the cheaper it is to run that government," he said. "So we don’t need massive amounts of money like we do now. We could cut the budget and actually start running surpluses."

Abolishing the IRS would rid the government of 90,000 employees, Nordvig said.

"Also, the Fair Tax would cause an explosion in our economy of profitability because, remember, businesses are not being taxed," he said.

"That's very attractive for foreign investment. Obviously it takes a big burden off small business owners. We're talking about an economy that would take off like a rocket."

And what about people below the poverty line, who would have trouble paying sales taxes?

"The Fair Tax looks out for the poor by giving you what's called a pre-bate and a simple explanation of that is instead of you sending the government a check every year, they send you a check every month," Nordvig said.

"It's not a rebate, it's a pre-bate. So, the first of the month you would get a check, and that would cover the taxes that you would pay up to the poverty level."

Some Republicans in Congress seek to simplify the tax code, but that's not enough, said Nordvig. "If you try to simplify the current tax code . . . what generally happens is you wind up with 500 more pages added to the almost 20,000 pages that we have right now," he said.

"It just doesn't work. There are too many compromises along the way. They say don't watch a law or sausage [being] made, and this falls under this category. It gets pretty ugly."

Editor's Note: Pastor Uses ‘Biblical Money Code’ to Help His Father Retire

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