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One World Regulation Coming Soon

Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009 01:59 PM

National identity. It’s part of the very fabric that holds the United States together. We are individuals, we are capitalists, but above all else, we are Americans. We make our own laws. We decide our own future. No one can tell us what to do. But that is now under attack.

In the upcoming G-20 meetings, there is a very real chance that the group of the top 20 industrialized nations in the world will get together and decide how much you can make at your job.

Sounds ridiculous? Read below.

European leaders, led by French President Nicholas Sarkozy, have been pushing for executive pay limits, including regulating executive salaries and bonuses. The G-20 wants to tell you that if you achieve the American Dream, become successful, and rise up the rungs of the corporate ladder, there is only so much money that you will be allowed to make.

Something about that sounds so wrong, so un-American.

Normally, we can just dismiss European calls for global socialism and excessive government regulation. But this time is different.

The world has been beaten down. Many nations were brought to their knees because of the excessive risk taken by large multinational banks that were run by executives who earned far more than any governmental official could ever dream of making.

Now they want payback. And they just might get it.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy is so confident that he will get executive pay limits passed during the G-20 that he has threatened to walk out of the meeting if attendees do not approve executive compensation limitations.

I must note that President Obama has come out against the European plan for executive pay restrictions. But does it matter?

Obama could very easily go to the G-20 meetings in Pittsburgh this week, say that he tried his best, but ultimately, this is what the G-20 wants. After all, look at the weakness Obama has already shown in foreign policy.

Recently Obama dismantled our eastern European security missile defense program, which protects Europe and Israel. He got nothing in exchange.

He made a major concession to Russia and in a roundabout way to Iran, without a single benefit derived by the United States.

Since the beginning of his presidency, Obama has been very eager to please the international community. While that’s not a bad thing, he must remember, America comes first.

When the decision comes down to protecting American sovereignty and security, Obama must always side with America.

Obama must to go the G-20 and say that if Europe wants to be socialist and limit how much a corporate executive can make, that’s their business. But Europe, through the G-20, cannot shove socialism down America’s throat. Obama must stand up for America.

This is Obama’s test. It will be one of many. It is a test of how effective Obama can govern and operate in a global environment. There’s no town hall. The campaign is over. It’s time to be a president. It’s time to put up or shut up.

We will see whether Obama is up to the challenge.

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