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Voter Backlash Will Punish the Establishment

By John LeBoutillier   |   Monday, 26 Apr 2010 11:15 AM

A new Pew Poll’s finding that a stunning 80 percent of the American people now distrust the government opens another window on a long-building political trend: Voters are furious at everybody, but especially at the Democratic leadership of Obama/Pelosi/Reid.

Thus, the inevitable outcome in the midterm elections in November will be a historic thrashing of the “in” party, the Democrats. They are going to lose dozens of seats in the House — perhaps enough to lose control — and maybe five to eight seats in the Senate, too.

Make no mistake: The American people are ticked off at the GOP, too. But the Democrats are in power, so they will feel more of the wrath. But in primaries like Florida and Arizona, GOP media establishment faves such as Charlie Crist and John McCain may lose to this same anti-establishment anger.

This will be seen as a massive rebuke of President Obama’s left-of-center big-spending-with-no-visible-payoff program. Indeed, while Wall Street stock numbers are improving, the overwhelming majority of Americans do not feel their outlook is improving. In fact, pessimism is abundant. And this is why the tea party movement has exploded all across the country.

The so-called “establishment” likes to denigrate the tea partyers because they have disdain for average Americans — you know, the people who “cling to their guns and religion” — and so, rather than have empathy for these Americans’ troubles, these establishment types attack tea party Americans as “dangerous, militia-like domestic terrorists.”

Some of these media types — Time magazine’s Joe Klein and his MSNBC defenders — tried last week to equate statements made by conservatives as “seditious.”

This effort — to conflagrate peaceful, conservative protest of left-wing economic policies with violent, traitorous acts — is a disgraceful abuse of the media establishment’s power.

Never has the chasm between the political/financial/media/academic establishment and the American middle class been as wide — and potentially toxic — as it is today. Ever!

One of the beauties of our system is that any old guy or gal driving around in a truck somewhere has the same vote, the same power, as the biggest Wall Street tycoon or Fortune 500 CEO. One vote. Period. Counts the same as all other votes. No matter who you are.

And in November, these ticked-off Americans — furious over so many abuses in D.C. (spending, deficits, debt, bailouts for the rich, allowing things to spiral out of control, SEC regulators watching porn, dirty deals to grease the way for a healthcare bill that 58 percent of the people do not want; the list goes on and on) and abuses by the seemingly “privileged” and rich — are going to vent these emotions not through violent lawbreaking but through voting against Democrat incumbents.

And when the Pelosi Democrats get creamed, it will be fun to watch their allies in the fading old media try to explain it away. (“Fading” in that their ratings and readership and viewership are cratering. Why? Because they are all pushing a left-wing agenda that the American people have repeatedly rejected.)

As for President Obama, his media pals allow him to ride along above criticism. In fact, those who dare to criticize an Obama policy are labeled as “racist.” How can we have debate in America with that type of charge injected into every discussion?

A tsunami of voter ire will come ashore in November. It will devastate the Democratic political establishment.

When it recedes, the D.C. landscape will look very different than it does today. The Democrats will be down and the Republicans, up. But that is a temporary situation — all leading up to 2012.

The only question is this: Will there be an even bigger tsunami coming ashore in November 2012?

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