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The Havoc Obama Could Wreak

By Joseph F. Connor   |   Friday, 07 Nov 2008 02:22 PM

In Obama we voted for hope, for change, for shaking up D.C.  Certainly, any old establishment, be it your workplace, a sports team, or the government needs new blood every once in a while.  During 20-plus years in corporate America, I've generally agreed that new sets of eyes looking at old problems are usually a good thing.  I've even been hired at jobs with that very thought in mind.

While the majority of Americans voted for a fresh new face in Washington, we elected an unknown, with virtually no public record.  We elected a man who, due to his admitted drug use and friendships with sworn enemies of the United States like Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, would likely not get past background checks for jobs at the FBI, CIA or the NSA, not to mention entry level employment at the very Wall Street firms he fingers as criminal.

The majority of the media viewed his qualities through a rose-colored tinted prism and he was turned into an icon and sold to the American people as a symbol of "justice" for all our "past sins" thus aiding his election; the ultimate political correction.

But did our citizenry get past the soaring rhetoric and really listen to Obama's content? Did we look past his articulate, flowery poetry and easy smile and stop to actually understand his intentions?  

Unfortunately, we did not.  We caved in to an unqualified, unvetted, unproven man. 

Obama’s change is far from the "changing the tone of Washington" mantra our candidates have been saying forever.  His brand of change comes from a perspective that America is broken and needs fundamental change.  He has not hidden his intentions. His agenda is all too clear:

  • He would destroying "smoke stack" industries (coal, oil, automobiles, steel, etc.).

  • He would redistribute wealth.

  • He would socialize healthcare.

  • He is for amnesty and eventual citizenship  (including voting rights for illegal aliens).

  • He would appoint judges he considers fair (who would ignore the Constitution and legislate from the bench).

  • He wants abortion on demand.

  • He favors direct negotiation with terrorists and terror states.

  • He would likely attempt to reimplement the "Fairness Doctrine" to destroy opposition free speech be it on the radio, television, Internet or press.

    Some of us average Joes tried to warn our countrymen against his election through blogs, Op-Ed pieces, and talk radio, but I don’t think we fully grasped the implications of his election.

    Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw casually mused less than a week before the election that they did not know Obama's position on the “universe of his thinking” on foreign policy including his position on China and who might be his advisers.  Brokaw moderated a debate and could have asked any question but did not. Now, incredibly, he claims he does not know Obama! 

    Wednesday night reality hit me hard when Karl Rove on Fox said, that beginning today (Thursday), Barack Obama would begin receiving intelligence briefs.  A man who would have no security clearance, a man who befriends Marxists and spouts their views, is privy to the most sensitive information of the U.S. government!  

    For those of us who rationalized that if he attempted implementation of his promised changes we could vote him out in four years, we may not have appreciated that he can cripple this country before even taking office.

    A well respected psychologist explained that although we (which presumably includes Brokaw) intellectually knew this would be coming, "people block out data or situations just because they don't want to look there. But if you have an ' aura' or 'halo' on your head that makes it a lot more difficult to break through it. Many people believe what they want to believe or what they perceive as realizing their hope and dreams. Denial is alive and well."

    As an optimist, I pray Obama uses his broad support to truly work across party lines, but his limited track record suggests otherwise. 

    Let’s hope the United States of America as we know it is alive and well four years from now.

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