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Dick Morris: President Is 'Running Away' From Obamacare

By Lisa Barron   |   Monday, 24 Mar 2014 04:41 PM

Political strategist Dick Morris says the fact that President Barack Obama did nothing more than issue a written statement to mark the fourth anniversary of his healthcare reform law on Sunday is telling.

"It explains how radioactive healthcare is when he'd rather talk about his humiliation and inaction in the Ukraine as opposed to the anniversary of his signature achievement, healthcare. The fact is that he's running as far away from healthcare as he can," he told Newsmax TV's John Bachman and J.D. Hayworth on "America's Forum" on Monday.

As for the president's conveniently traveling to Europe and being out of the country on the Obamacare anniversary, Morris said, "He's out of the country so much. If you look at the last two months, there have been probably 30 statements from the White House on everything other than healthcare: minimum wage, overtime, making college affordable, student loans being applied for everybody, food labeling, nutrition, every aspect of the labor law in terms of unionization."

"There are so many specific announcements he's made in an industrial park in Chicago, another one in Detroit, that have nothing to do with healthcare. His sole goal now is to get people to focus on something other than healthcare, but he can't because healthcare is unraveling in each of our own particular lives.

"Therefore, it's a fool's errand, and what's going to happen eventually is he's just going to get massacred in the midterm elections."

Even if that happens, Obama isn't likely to open his doors to Republican senators during his last two years in office, Morris said.

"I don't know if it's he's an ideologue or that he's so radioactive that Republicans can't touch him. It's much more a function of his own predilection. He's a very isolated person, he's very private. Generally, presidents in the last two years who have unpopular eight- year terms hunker down and hide in the White House. That's probably what he's going to end up doing and facing a whole series of Republican efforts from both houses to repeal everything he's done," Morris predicted.

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In the meantime, Morris said, the White House should be taking immediate steps to stop further aggression by Russia.

"One is to put missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic. The minute we say we are going to do that, or we say if you cross that border, we are going to put missiles in both of those countries, they are not going to cross that border because those missiles have the effect of nullifying their strategic nuclear force, which is about all they have left as a country," he said.

"Secondly, the United States should immediately lift legislation that passed that limits natural gas exports to Europe. We have those in place from the era in which natural gas was scarce, we wanted to keep it in the U.S., keep our prices as low as possible, and now we are drowning in natural gas.

"We are going to become the number-one producer very quickly; we are now tied with Russia for first place. All we need to do is to lift the restriction so that natural gas can be sent to Europe and we break the Russian monopoly."

As for the third step, Morris said, "We build 27 more liquefied natural gas facilities to liquefy the gas, put it on a boat and ship it. We have 110 now, we would add 27 more. If we do that, Russia would realize the handwriting is on the wall that their economic stranglehold over Europe is about to be broken."

"Europe is not afraid of Russian missiles or Russian troops. They're afraid of Russian gas being turned off, that is about the only power Russia really has ," Morris said.  Once we neutralize the power their gas exports have over Europe, he said, we weaken Russia's economy and cut their revenues. 

Asked why the president is not moving ahead on the gas front, Morris replied, "God knows. God knows why he's not willing to do it. This is to strike at the geopolitical power of Russia. It's all based on pipelines. Natural gas need not be shipped by pipelines. You can liquefy it, put it on a boat."

"Nobody really can use oil as a strategic weapon anymore because you put it on a boat and you can't control where it's going to go. Do the same with natural gas and you eviscerate the main foreign policy that Russia has over Europe. "

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Political strategist Dick Morris says the fact that President Barack Obama did nothing more than issue a written statement to mark the fourth anniversary of his healthcare reform law on Sunday is telling.
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