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Gen. Paul Vallely: Islamists Infiltrating U.S. Military

By Jim Meyers   |   Thursday, 19 Nov 2009 08:31 PM

U.S. Army Gen. Paul E. Vallely tells Newsmax that the Obama administration made a "terrible decision" in planning to move terror suspects from Guantanamo Bay to New York City for trial.

He also declared that the administration's refusal to call the Fort Hood shooter a terrorist is "absolutely ridiculous," warned that radical Islamists have infiltrated the Defense Department and other agencies — and said the U.S. needs to take down "the center of terror" — Iran.

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Maj. Gen. Vallely retired from the Army in 1993 as Deputy Commanding General, Pacific, and was a senior military analyst for Fox News. He is the co-author of the book "Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror," and chairman of the Military Committee at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.

Regarding what he calls the Obama administration's "terrible decision" to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other terror suspects in New York, Gen. Vallely told Newsmax.TV's Kathleen Walter:

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"I've been to Guantanamo Bay three times. It is the perfect location to keep radical Islamist terrorists for two reasons: Number one, to be able to secure them in a facility, and two, to do the proper interrogation that needs to be done for these individuals.

"I think it needs to be kept open and also available for any of these radical Islamists that we capture anywhere, whether it's in this country or overseas. They're a threat to the United States, so I think it's a bad decision. It's going to be a show, a theater. The people in New York should absolutely rebel against this happening there. It should be done by a military tribunal."

Walter asked the general about the refusal of President Obama and other administration officials to call accused Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan a terrorist.

"It's absolutely ridiculous. It's like they're in a closet all by themselves in Washington and don't realize what radical Islam is all about," Vallely declared.

"It was the same thing in the Bush administration — senior military people, senior political appointees, elected officials, members of Congress not realizing what the enemy is here and what their ambitions and goals are.

"This definitely was a terrorist attack. This was a radicalized Islamist American."

Walter asked who is to blame for what happened at Fort Hood.

"I think it is the state of mind of our leadership, not only the politicians but at the senior military level, to be political correct," Vallely responded.

"We have hundreds that are being radicalized in the mosques in the United States alone. I said when this happened at Fort Hood, believe me, this will track back to a mosque. And it has tracked back to the mosque outside Washington D.C. So political correctness has gone just completely astray."

Vallely said he "absolutely agrees" with Sarah Palin's assertion that accused shooter Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, should have been profiled.

"I've always been for profiling and profiling can be a very positive thing," Vallely stated. "It's part of the vetting process ... This is a case where political correctness overcame proper vetting."

Vetting is necessary, Vallely said, because "we know we've been infiltrated. We had a situation with a soldier with the 101st Airborne who threw a grenade. We've had many instances of Islamic infiltration into our system even at the Department of Defense level.

"We've been infiltrated not only at the department of Defense but also the State Department and other agencies. And this is the plan of the radical Islamists. It's a slow takeover, a slow movement to what we call the Caliphate, Sharia law."

Turning to Afghanistan, Vallely told Newsmax that Obama "really doesn't know what to do and the people around him don't know what to do, so they're hesitating whether to commit 40,000 troops that the general over there has requested.

"But on the other hand the strategy in my opinion hasn't been right for a long time. This is an unconventional war and it should be fought unconventionally. We should have learned from Vietnam. There's a way of taking down these radical Islamists. You can do it unconventionally. So I'm not convinced that putting in more troops is going to achieve victory over there."

Unconventional strategy involves "covert operations, taking out the leadership, penetrating into their lairs where they train, and destroying them," Vallely said.

"But I think the Obama administration has got to at least be decisive on where they are going because they're the executive branch of the government. He's the commander in chief.

"Now we have reports that the morale of the troops, the morale of the leaders, is going down because it's like sitting on a fence: Are we going to go in and win this war? Is it going to be victory? Or do we continue to nation build, which is not the job of the army in the first place as far as I'm concerned.

"Let's go to battle, let's win and let's get our troops back home."

Vallely said the U.S. needs to deal with the fact that Iran is delivering explosives and weapons to jihadists in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East.

"You've got to go where radical Islam is funded, how it's supported, how it's fed, how it's armed. And the center of terror in the world today is Tehran. So unless we're willing to take the regime down in Tehran, it's going to continue to infect the entire Middle East.

"You have to take down these national sponsors of international terrorism."

See Video: Gen. Paul E. Vallely on Obama’s “terrible decision” to move terrorist trials to New York City - Click Here Now

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