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Dick Morris: US is the Next Greece

By Dan Weil   |   Thursday, 06 May 2010 09:03 PM

The U.S. economy will ultimately suffer the same fate as Greece, which is struggling to avoid default on its government debt while rioters run wild in the streets, says Newsmax contributor Dick Morris.

It’s the socialist policies of President Obama that will get us there, the political consultant extraordinaire told Newsmax.TV.

“When you look at Greece you’re looking at the U.S. in two or three years under Obama’s policies,” Morris said.

“The same deficits and lack of control of spending that have landed Greece in such turmoil . . . will eventually spread to the U.S. and Britain because our deficits are just as high and contracted just as irresponsibly by socialist regimes.”

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During the financial crisis of 2008-09, there was a run on banks, because investors were worried they couldn’t repay their obligations.

“That was brought to a halt because the government stepped in and said we’re standing behind the banks. You can trust us,” Morris explained.

“Inevitably with the government having a huge deficit and totally unnecessary spending, investors will soon get smart and say I question you Mr. Government. I question whether you’re serious about holding down spending.”

Morris is no more impressed with Obama’s anti-terrorism policy than he is with the president’s economic policy.

“There are obvious holes in our defense,” Morris said. “After 9/11, the U.S. went seven years under the Bush presidency without any attack on U.S. soil. Now in 1 ½ yrs of the Obama presidency, we’ve had three of them.

The problem: law enforcement officials’ hands are tied.

“We Miranda-ize people we apprehend in terrorist attacks,” Morris noted. “We have attorneys sitting right there during investigations. We can’t follow leads. Our personnel are told to avoid at all costs violating the civil liberties of anyone we arrest. Interrogation techniques have to be super gentle.”

Bottom line: “Those doing the investigations are more frightened of the government than of the terrorists being investigated,” he points out.

The White House is to blame for the fact that the Times Square terrorist Faisal Shahzad was able to board a plane despite being on a no-fly list, Morris says.

“That’s a result of the Obama administration minimizing the war on terrorism and refusing to describe it accurately as a war against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism,” he explained.

“You can’t have the loosening of our guard that Obama has brought about and still expect to avoid terrorism.”

As for Iran, Morris faults both the Obama and Bush administrations for failing to prevent the outlaw nation from developing nuclear weapons.

We should be imposing a blockade on Iran’s imports of gasoline from Dubai, he says. The weakness of our sanctions means that Israel will ultimately have to attack Iran.

“Israel will lose huge numbers of men and aircraft doing so,” Morris said. “It will be a tragedy for world peace, Israel and Iran. And it could have been avoided had the U.S. moved against Iran early enough.”

On the political front, Morris was encouraged that in primaries this week, Democratic turnout dropped substantially, while Republican turnout surged.

“More and more people are coming to agree with the observation I made six to eight months ago that Republicans will take the House,” he said. “They still haven’t come around to my way of thinking about the Senate, but they will.”

In Florida, a recent Rasmussen poll showing former Republican turned independent Charlie Crist leading the pack doesn’t mean much, Morris says.

“He can’t win,” Morris maintains. “It’s just a burst of enthusiasm after his declaration. He just had a lot of statewide media attention.” Prior to Crist’s switch a Rasmussen poll showed him second to Republican Marco Rubio, with Democrat Kendrick Meek trailing.

Morris was happy to note that the latest Rasmussen poll showed Meek with support of only about 19 percent.

“Crist engaged in an unpardonable act of egomania,” Morris said. “But if he’s elected, so be it. Just as long as he doesn’t split the vote and elect the Democrat Meek.”

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