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We're Just Waiting for the Right Candidate

By John LeBoutillier   |   Monday, 03 May 2010 09:53 AM

Those on the left worry about illegal immigration — and denigrate anyone who even talks about it. But they know that it is a huge issue that just surfaced again when Arizona enacted and then adjusted a bill making life uncomfortable for the 450,000 illegals living in Arizona.

Indeed, the influx of up to 30 million illegal aliens who have crossed our southern border illegally is one of the most important issues in every state — even though the so-called mainstream media does not want to talk about it.

Hospital ERs, public schools, and local law enforcers often are overrun with problems related to illegal aliens. Budgets are stretched during a tough economy. Jobs are lost and given to below-market illegals who get paid under the table and do not get benefits. This is happening everywhere.
Big Business — and the rich — often love this cheap labor.

The media castigate politicians who want to distinguish between those who went through the rigorous, time-consuming, and frustrating process to come into the United States legally and those who cut the line and broke the law to come here illegally. These pro-amnesty types lump all immigrants into one group — and thus accuse those Americans who want to enforce existing law as racist, hate-filled zenophobes.

These same elitists despise the tea party movement. And they do not see the angst and unhappiness that have driven 80 percent of the American people to distrust the government, as the respected Pew Poll revealed two weeks ago.

Indeed, the media and political elites have utter disdain for these 80 percent: They think the American middle class is a bunch of stupid, uneducated bozos who do not know what is good for them.

Well, in November this 80 percent bloc is going to vote in extraordinary numbers for a midterm election. The passion is on the side of the out party — the Republicans — and against President Obama. (That is not to say that those included in the 80 percent are happy in any way with the Republicans; they are not! But they are the only vehicle on the ballot to express the discontent.)

The illegal immigration issue combines with the long-term downward trend of the economy to inject a level of despair into the body politic.

This despair has been building since the 1990s and manifested itself in the election of the “change” candidate — Barack Obama — in 2008.

But the change was not the change people thought they were getting. The trillions spent on corporate bailouts and a useless stimulus, plus the dirty way the healthcare vote was rigged actually have increased the level of despair.

Prediction: This despair is so prevalent and widespread that it is hurtling the United States in directions the elites cannot predict. The creation and surprising growth of the tea party movement is one sign of the unexpected directions we are headed. So is the widespread support of the Arizona immigration bill — 60 percent nationally. And so is the continuing desire to repeal the healthcare bill — 58 percent.

The next Reagan — if there is to be one — has to feel this despair in his bones and then translate it into a campaign and a government that listens to the 80%.

None of the GOP candidates on the scene today really feels it; they may say they do as they listen to pollsters and consultants.

But we will know when the right candidate comes along because his story will be filled with the same despair we all are feeling.

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