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DeMint: Give Americans Means to Choose Their Own Healthcare

By Jim Meyers   |   Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009 06:48 PM

The federal government does not need to increase spending or raise taxes to provide healthcare insurance for all Americans, says Sen. Jim DeMint, who has introduced a "common sense" plan to expand coverage.

The South Carolina Republican also told Newsmax in an exclusive interview that the healthcare reform being pushed by Democrats will lead to higher taxes and increased borrowing from foreign countries.

See Video: Sen. Jim DeMint discusses a healthcare plan that Americans can afford - Click Here Now

DeMint was elected to the Senate in 2004 after serving three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has been outspoken in his opposition to increased Federal spending by both the Barack Obama and George W. Bush administrations, and in particular to the taxpayer bailout of banks and other financial institutions.

DeMint was ranked by National Journal as the most conservative U.S. senator in March 2007 and again in 2008, and he was one of two senators to vote against Hillary Clinton's confirmation to become Secretary of State.

His new book, "Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America's Slide into Socialism," will be officially released on July 4.

DeMint has introduced the Health Freedom Plan to provide uninsured Americans with money to buy health insurance, and he discussed that plan with Newsmax.

Newsmax.TV's Kathleen Walter asked the senator what is wrong with the current healthcare system and does it need to be reformed.

"We don't need a multi-trillion-dollar government takeover of our healthcare system," DeMint said.

"In fact, the parts of healthcare that are not working are the government plans.

"A lot of seniors believe Medicare is working just fine, but more and more of them are finding that doctors don’t want to see them because Medicare does not pay doctors even their cost. So increasingly seniors are having trouble finding doctors to see them.

"Medicare is also trillions of dollars in debt and we don't know how we're going to pay for it in the future. And people who are senior citizens, because of this government plan, don't have any choices.

"We don't need to expand that idea. We have about 15 percent of Americans who don't have health insurance. About half of those have access to other government plans or they're not citizens at all.

"The plan that I've introduced, the Healthcare Freedom Plan, does what any common sense American would say is the best idea. Instead of creating this massive government program, we just help individuals who don't have insurance get private health insurance.

"You don't need a government program to do that. All you need is to treat people fairly who don't get insurance at the workplace.

"We can give every family in this country that doesn't get insurance with their employer $5,000 a year to buy health insurance. We can also allow their employer to put money in a health savings account to add to what people can spend on healthcare.

"We can do things that lower the price of health insurance by allowing people to buy insurance in any state in the country. Instead what we do now is promote monopoly on a state-by-state basis. We only let people buy in the state where they live.

"We can pay for all of this by just stopping the bailout money we're currently giving to banks and other financial institutions who want to give it back."

Walter pointed out that Democrats are proposing healthcare reform that would cost trillions of dollars, and asked where they think this money is going to come from.

"I assume they're going to keep borrowing it from China and other places," DeMint responded.

"And they're looking at raising taxes on soft drinks and employers and raising taxes in a lot of different areas.

"We don't need to raise taxes in America. We are already, particularly our businesses, taxed at the highest rate in the world. There's no wonder we're losing jobs when companies can move overseas.

"So we don't need to increase spending or taxes. We've already allocated $700 billion for this financial bailout. This money is coming back over the next five years. Instead of spending it on some new government program, let's use that to give every American the opportunity to have a health insurance plan they can afford, and own and keep."

Asked if Republicans can stop Democrats from going through with their healthcare proposals, DeMint declared: "The Republicans can't, but the American people can.

"I hope they will stand up and say no more government, no more debt and borrowing. Let's just do what's fair for Americans who don't have insurance."

DeMint has endorsed Marco Rubio, former speaker of the House in Florida, in his campaign for the GOP nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from Florida in 2010. The state's Gov. Charlie Crist is also seeking that nomination.

"I'm excited to be behind Marco Rubio," DeMint told Newsmax.

"He's a bright young American who believes in freedom. He really has a passion for the things that made America work, and I was quick to endorse him because I believe that's what the Republican Party needs right now . . .

"I know a lot of the traditional establishment Republicans have lined up for Crist, and he's a good candidate. So I think it gives Republicans in Florida a choice. Do they want more of the status quo of what Republicans have been doing in Washington, or do they want someone who is going to try to change things and make Republicans act like Republicans?"

See Video: Sen. Jim DeMint discusses a healthcare plan that Americans can afford - Click Here Now

[Editor’s Note: Get Sen. Jim DeMint’s new book, “Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America's Slide into Socialism” — Go here now.]

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