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Bozell: Media Work as 'Pamphleteers' for Obama

By Jim Meyers   |   Sunday, 10 May 2009 11:23 PM

Media watchdog Brent Bozell tells Newsmax that the national media are so slanted to the left that they have been "pamphleteers for the Obama administration."

Bozell, founder and president of The Media Research Center — which tracks liberal bias in the media — also said that the major TV networks have refused to call Obama a socialist or even a liberal even though he is "the most radical left-wing president in the history of the United States."

See Video: Brent Bozell explains how the mainstream media supports Obama’s socialist agenda - Click Here Now|

Newsmax.TV's Ashley Martella noted that after Sen. Arlen Specter defected from the GOP and became a Democrat, the mainstream media insisted it was because the Republican Party has swung too far to the right to accommodate him. He asked Bozell if that reporting is deliberately skewed.

"It's deliberately skewed," said Bozell, who is also the founder of the Cybercast News Service.

"It's driven by ignorance on the one hand, but by this blind left-wing world view on the other.

"There's no attachment to the world of reality when they claim that Arlen Specter is running as a Democrat because the Republican Party is too conservative.

"Here is the simple fact of life: Arlen Specter broke with the Republican Party and sided with the Democrats, giving them the decisive vote to get this massive, outrageous trillion-dollar stimulus plan through.

"Because of that the people of Pennsylvania revolted against him and went flocking toward a challenger, Pat Toomey, who overnight opened up a 20-point lead — such a big lead that the pollsters apparently told Senator Specter 'you can't win as a Republican because you have betrayed the party so badly.'

"So he went to the Democrats, where he actually belongs. That's what happened. It had nothing to do with the Republicans going too conservative."

Martella asked if the Obama administration's "cap and trade" plan to curb carbon emissions has been getting fair play in the media.

"No," Bozell stated flatly. "Look, why did they have this rush to pass a massive stimulus package which won't be spent for two years? Why the panic that they needed to do it before anyone could read the bill? Why? Because once you started reading it you saw how outrageous it was.

"That is the M.O. of this administration — flooding the public with so many initiatives that they won't have the time to explore them. That's what they want.

"But what's happening is, as things are discussed — and by the way, they're being discussed because of organizations like Newsmax — the more they're discussed, the more people see how outrageous they are, the more they become opposed to it, which is why cap and trade is now in trouble."

Martella asked if Bozell has ever seen "this extreme level of blatant bias" toward Obama demonstrated by MSNBC's Chris Matthews and others.

Bozell cited an editor from Newsweek who was asked by a reporter if there was a "mindset to take down George Bush, and his answer was, with the Bush presidency, that it was the responsibility, the job of the national media to take down the president.

"And now, once Obama is elected, it is the exact opposite job — it is suddenly the responsibility to make him succeed.

"And then they look at you and they say to America, 'We are objective. We are impartial. We are fair. We are balanced.'

"They're nothing of the sort. They're partisans. They are pamphleteers for the Obama administration."

Martell asked if Bozell thinks reporters are forbidden to use the word "liberal" when referring to Obama or his agenda.

"They don’t see it as liberal," Bozell responded.

"The spending programs of Barack Obama are clearly the most radical in the history of the United States of America. How far to the left would he like America to go? So far that the leaders of socialist nations in Europe told him he was going too far. What does that make Barack Obama? You can only conclude that he's a socialist.

"He takes over the automotive industry. He wants to take over the banking industry. What else does he want to take over next week? He wants to take over the healthcare industry. This is the mindset of a socialist.

"In the first 100 days of the Barack Obama administration, on NBC, ABC and CBS there were 982 news stories devoted to him. The question was, how often did they call him a socialist or his policies socialist, just as you would call Ronald Reagan a conservative and his policies conservative — it’s also right-wing, far-right, radical right, all those things. So how many times did they label Obama a socialist? Answer: Not once.

"If he's not a socialist, then what is he? Well then, let's say he's a liberal. So out of 982 stories, how many times did they label him a liberal? Not once.

"So what they want America to think is, I guess he's a conservative. But this is the most radical left-wing president in the history of the United States."

See Video: Brent Bozell explains how the mainstream media supports Obama’s socialist agenda - Click Here Now|

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