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Obama Supporters to Seek Marxist Payback

Wednesday, 19 Nov 2008 11:57 AM

What you’re seeing in the emerging Barack Obama administration isn’t what you’re getting. It’s like a walnut marble cake. The nuts all settle down below.

As usual, the mass media, which helped mire America in its mess, isn’t being at all helpful in understanding what’s really going on during the interim between election and inauguration.

In whooping up a high drama over the handoff of the presidency from George W. Bush to Obama, the press is fixated on just about everything that matters very little.

The usual speculation about which campaign sled dog will be thrown which Cabinet bone is in full cry. In that spirit of canine inanity, the press has gone bonkers over the Bush family Scottie’s nipping of a reporter (give that poor dog a bone!) and which hypoallergenic breed, or mutt, the Obama children will select for the new White House family (better make that a dog for each member, for in Washington you need every friend you can get).

When Obama descended for his first post-election news conference, he was flanked by no fewer than 20 reputed or presumptuous experts on economics. The photo stretched from one edge of the front page of the Wall Street Journal to the other. Twenty-two couldn’t have fit, or their visages would have had to be shrunk below recognition.

The awkward lineup was as multi-diversified and endless as names on a typical Chicago City Council election ballot. No one scanning that graduation-class photo for a tea leaf about Obama’s economic plan could have been rewarded.

Newspaper and television wise ones have been busy enumerating herds of likely Cabinet nominees. For some inexplicable reason, the Obama campaign manager for Pottawattamie County in Iowa has yet to be mentioned. Ironically, the lists are grievously shy on blacks and outed leftists. How could this be?

Obama spokesters breathlessly tell the nation how industrious he has been on the phone to world leaders. Little is made, though, of how not all leaders’ recollections of such conversations exactly jibe with the transition team’s revealed version. Maybe the foreigners should brush up their Obamaese.

Don’t waste much attention on what’s appearing now onstage at the Politics of Change Theater. At best, it’s mostly for show. At worst, for deceit.

The unsettling truth is what really counts is at a level below and almost entirely out of public view. The leftist “mainstream” news media certainly have scant interest in poking around there, assuming they even know it’s there.

What’s there had its political genesis before the first World War. It is no less than the historic struggle over who’s to control the creation and use of wealth.

The 18th-century Scottish classical economist Adam Smith described in “The Wealth of Nations” how capitalism works in a free-market environment. A century later, the Prussian radical Karl Marx postulated in the “Communist Manifesto” that capitalism was predestined to be succeeded by communism, leading inexorably into a revolutionary socialist dictatorship.

There are seriously dedicated people in this country — people possessing great wealth and power — who want the United States to follow Marx’s prescription, along the lines of socialist regimes in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Obama’s indefinable “change” is their best shot at success since the Great Depression. Thwarted for decades and decades, they now see their chance.

Is this fear-mongering or Redbaiting? Not at all. It is unvarnished history.

These latter-day Marxists, by whatever pseudo-labels they reveal themselves, possess financial, media, and political resources that made Obama’s election possible. Obama didn’t do it. They did it — not for him, but for them.

Now, they’re crafting the payback they’ve fantasized all these years. That’s what’s going on below stage, where scenarios are furiously being scripted.

Onstage, the gifted TelePrompTer reader playing the role of President Obama will be handed his lines in due time. Expect boffo reviews from fawning critics.

John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for NewsMax.com. Read John Perry's columns here.

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