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Obama's Marxist Actions Devoid of Common Sense

Monday, 24 Aug 2009 09:34 AM

The latest conservative voice pleading for common sense to counter President Barack Obama’s politics of disaster is that of rising Fox News commentator Glenn Beck.

Witness the messes Obama has made in just six months. Whatever happened to common sense? Like other common-sense conservatives, Beck is frustrated.

Fred Thompson called early for common sense, and it got him next to nowhere in his campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

John McCain and Sarah Palin also urged common sense, and look who beat them in the general election — an unaccomplished amateur too busy speechifying about change to say anything memorable about common sense.

Now comes Beck, effusive, demonstrative, innovative, piercing the masscomm fog banks, beating the socks off the opposition. Millions are tuning in and connecting. The rest he’s driving bananas, which clearly suits him just dandy.

Yet, it flabbergasts him there’s such scarce common sense on the landscape of the left. Obama’s policies and appointments have him repeating, “It doesn’t make sense. It’s unbelievable.” His swelling audience would seem to agree.

Of course they and Beck can’t believe it. Their problem is they’re not Marxists.

What makes no rhyme or reason to common-sense folks like Beck is crystal clear to Marxists, who validly see their dreams coming true under Obama.

Try looking at things from the Marxists’ point of view. The end-goal of Marxism is an idealized socialist society where “the people” — that is, a Marxist totalitarian state — own all means of production. Anything leading toward that is progress. Anything else is reaction, racism, or worse. Keep that in mind.

Marxists sneer at the idea of ends not justifying means as bourgeois sentimentality. In their book, when the goal is Marxism anything is justified.

Getting better is defined as getting closer to the Marxist goal. What is harmful to capitalism and its hand-maiden democracy, is good, to be welcomed and abetted — not as an end in itself, but as a transitional means to the greater end.

If the ideal Marxist society is the historically inevitable end-result of the clash between capitalism and socialism, then any effective means — even a modest beginning — is inevitable, and, thus, justifiably of the greatest good. Thus, one step toward socialized medicine beats no steps at all. Under Marxist dogma the final steps will follow, for they must, as the camel follows its nose into the tent.

What seems nutty to persons not indoctrinated in Marxism, and not dedicated to its eventual socialist society, makes absolute sense to Marxists.

In their mind, when things go bad in a capitalist, democratic society like a recession or — hallelujah! — a depression, that’s great. “For things to get better, first they must get worse” qualifies as a Marxist slogan.

So it becomes the bounden duty of faithful Marxists and allies to help as many things as possible to “get worse.” They don’t ballyhoo it, but that’s their creed.

This is why, from where they lurk, what looks like one disaster after another emanating from the Obama presidency is actually a cornucopia of good news.

Back in the real world, Beck is overflowing with consternation, and it’s good news that he is. For, he’s right — as Thompson, McCain, and Palin were right — in striving for what makes common sense.

Obama’s leftist fantasy world makes no common sense. But if you understand what Marxism is and how it works — who’s helping it along these days — it is all very understandable. Palin has it dead right: It is evil.

By whatever pseudonym, Marxism is preached as beneficent nurturing. In truth, it is the collective theft of the creative aspirations, the very souls, of individuals by a self-anointed, self-serving, avaricious elite of statist ideologues.

It is the enemy about which the giant Southern novelist Thomas Wolfe warned — “single selfishness and compulsive greed . . . as old as time and as evil as hell.”

John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for Newsmax.com. Read John Perry's columns here.

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