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Curse of the Obama Diamond

Tuesday, 07 Apr 2009 03:39 PM

General Motors now knows the fatal folly of accepting lavish gifts from the Barack Obama government. All of America should take note and reel back.

But, first, seize a moment to recall the anecdote about the airline passenger with a humongous diamond weighting down her finger.

So immense was the rock’s carat count, so creative its cutting, that its refraction of sunlight streaming into the plane’s window nearly blinded a younger woman who chanced to have been seated beside the bejeweled lady.

“Pardon me for staring,” gasped the dazzled passenger, squinting, “but that’s the biggest, most-beautiful diamond I’ve ever seen. What a whopper!”

Smiling wanly, its owner with some effort lifted up her hand to offer a better view. “This is the Plotkin diamond . . . second in size only to the Hope diamond.”

“Wow! Really?”

“Yes, my dear, and like the Hope diamond, the Plotkin diamond carries with it an infamous curse. Once you accept the Plotkin diamond you can never shake that curse.”

“Oh, tell me, tell me,” the young woman pleaded. “What is this awful curse that goes with the Plotkin diamond?”

Its wearer sighed, “Mr. Plotkin.”

What a waste of oxygen to lament the fate of the GM chief executive who was canned by order of President Obama, that noted automotive engineer, master marketer and corporate administrator par excellence. Once GM flung aside the sheets and welcomed the beneficence of Obama — all those billions after billions of fruits of taxpayers’ labors — it was too late to undo the deed.

Nor can Obama be blamed, despite one’s every devout wish. He bought the world’s largest auto company, paid for it fair and square. (All right, not with his money, but with your taxes.)

What he bought, he’s entitled to run or ruin. It’s his call, no longer stockholders’ or, come to think of it, taxpayers’. His alone.

If GM or the American people didn’t want that CEO fired or the company told the kind of cars it will now make or how much gas they may guzzle or what they will cost, they should never have let Obama bearing gifts inside the tent.

Too late now.

The bigger problem, if you can imagine one, is that there’s apparently no end to how many Obama diamonds this president has at his disposal to dangle. The sky’s the limit, at least the sky over Fort Knox and the United States Mint.

If the government with its vast resources of taxation can take over a colossus like GM with an Obama diamond, what’s to stop it from taking over Mike’s Body Shop and Wrecker Service with a cheap-o, glass imitation?

John McCain, who surely never thought things would go this far, had his golden moment, at least to set up some road blocks, when he dramatically and brilliantly interrupted his presidential campaign last year to go to Washington. But once there, he committed the non-brilliant error of trotting right alongside the Beltway fallacy that government can spend and tax its way out of disaster.

Having thus effectively unhorsed himself from the race, McCain left the field open to Obama to work his mischief. That’s been but a few months ago.

Think of the mess that’s befallen the country since then.

Think of the magnitude and multitude of messes yet to come. A whole field full of Obama diamonds awaits.

Beware, then, the curse of the Obama diamond. Like an intractable disease of venery, it is imperviously beyond reach of the strongest strain of penicillin.

Its name — dare it be uttered in polite society? — is the dread socialism, that pox for which there is neither prophylaxis nor relief. Only abstinence will suffice.

Alas, too late for General Motors.

And for you?

John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for Newsmax.com. Read John Perry's columns here.

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