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Obama, Marxism, Media Form Perfect Political Storm

Monday, 31 Aug 2009 01:39 PM

What happens when rampant narcissism, malignant Marxism, and servile journalism combine? Those swiftly converging forces — each a genuine threat — constitute the perfect political storm.

This unique peril is far greater than this country has seen in its history. Americans are unaccustomed to such a phenomenon, unprepared on how to begin to deal with it. Even its early diagnosis is yet indistinctly discerned.

Nothing is new in American politics about narcissism, Marxism, or press venality. What is new: They have formed a confluence right in the Oval Office.

This onrushing calamity — absent until now in the national experience — has blindsided Americans with little experience and even less foresight to deal with it. Therein lies this nation’s mortal peril, and that’s precisely the phrase for it.

Look at those three phenomena, and then at their confluence:

  • Rampant narcissism

    The current president is luxuriating in a narcissistic self-righteousness that knows no mortal bounds. He is his own haughty cult of personality. It doesn’t faze him to contradict himself, for if he is always right then he is never wrong.

    He recasts, or contrives from unconstitutional whole cloth, such devices as he deems best to achieve his goal. That goal is daily more glaring: a Marxist state, economy, culture, and his own unanswerable regime in perpetuum.

  • Malignant Marxism

    No longer are there card-carrying communists under party discipline of a Soviet Union intent upon America’s ruination. If an activist ideologue is taking orders from some foreign Marxist regime, it’s a pathetic and ineffectual anomaly. So, today, there is no place, or cause, for Red-baiting.

    But calling what in fact is Marxism by that name is not latter-day McCarthyism. There is no valid dispute that state ownership of the means of production and the radical transformation to a socialist society is Marxism — pure, simple, and ageless. It’s time this became a mentionable reality in civilized discourse.

    What is going on today is no longer politics as usual between elephants and donkeys on a traditional merry-go-round. The actual issue is whether the United States of America is radicalized into the Socialist States of America.

    Unlike its opposite — free-market capitalism — Marxism offers a highly structured series of stepping stones to the absolute socialist utopia. It is near-impossible to walk back along those treads, once trod.

    A magnetic logic of the illogical draws neophyte and long-time believer alike ever deeper into Marxism’s snake pit. It dangles an irresistible invitation to the pathological narcissist’s cult of the personality — a ready-made strait-jacket of dos, don’ts, and how-tos. Just as powerfully, it entices the cult leader with what he craves most: ultimate, irreversible power over everything and everyone else.

  • Servile journalism

    Historically, the only way Marxism has made serious inroads leading to revolutionary transformation of a whole society is for the middle class (that staunchest bulwark against revolt or anarchy) to be hornswoggled, wholesale.

    Never in American journalism’s history have mainstream media been so eager, so fawning, so self-abnegating to step forward and do that vile job. Without this sell-out by the press, Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist allies could never have dreamed of pulling it off. Yet, they did — for the press let them.

  • Perfect political storm

    Now that the confluence of those forces is well underway, what force is left to reverse the perfect political storm, to turn back the accompanying tidal wave?

    The only answer remaining is the middle-class electorate in the 2010 congressional elections — and by then the perfect political storm may have become both unstoppable and unendurable.

    John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for Newsmax.com. Read John Perry's columns here.

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