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Why the Media Elites Detest Sarah

Monday, 06 Oct 2008 12:29 PM

The mainstream press cannot abide Sarah Palin. It’s not her hair or glasses. It’s not her smile or wink. It’s that she’s different from them.

Nothing illustrates this better than a jaw-dropping performance Sunday by long-time radio and television commentator Liz Trotta, who was once a rather independent voice in the largely liberal cluster of Washington Beltway, Manhattan and Hollywood self-anointed political priests and priestesses.

On Fox News Channel she was ridiculing the Alaska governor, who is certainly fair game as a vice-presidential candidate. No one has to agree or disagree with her, or any other, Fox “contributor.” Fox’s job is to air differing views.

But Liz Trotta made a point of blasting Sarah Palin for appearing on TV with her little Down syndrome baby son Trig. To quote: “dragging it around.”

Since when is a Down syndrome child, or any child, an inanimate “it”? This was no slip of the tongue, no grammatical lapse. She made it clear it was precisely what she wanted to say — with a sneering emphasis.

This may be the only outraged e-mail Fox received, but it’s one that was sent:

“Liz Trotta's personal opinions, one way or another, about Sarah Palin could not matter less to my wife and me.

“But when she goes out of her way to refer to Sarah Palin's little Down syndrome baby boy as ‘it,’ that's inexcusable.

“Ms. Trotta has insulted every American parent, not merely those with Down syndrome children.

“My wife and I have nine children, 15 grandchildren, one great-grandchild and a number of other children in our extended family. One of those is a Down syndrome child, who is a human being – not an inanimate object or a lower order of animal.

“She referred to Sarah Palin as ‘dragging it around.’ If Gov. Palin had not embraced that little boy in a public, proud and loving manner, you can bet Ms. Trotta and others would have attacked her for ‘hiding it.’

“Ms. Trotta owes the Palins a profound apology. She owes our family a profound apology. She owes Trig Palin an everlasting request for forgiveness.

“Shame on her!

“[Signed] John L. and Mary Mayne Perry”

The way the Palins have chosen to embrace and love that child may not be the accepted style for the media elites to raise a Down syndrome child — indeed, if they allow the baby to be born alive.

Those raised in a rural setting learn by watching how flocks of chickens treat individual chickens in their midst that are different. They keep pecking and pecking and pecking until the different creature is eventually pecked to death.

Liz Trotta’s attack on Sarah Palin by ridiculing her on how she chooses to embrace her little Down-syndrome boy shows just how far some mortals have evolved from chicken-flock morality.

Candidates always gather on camera with their family members after debates and convention appearances. If Trig Palin had not been a Down syndrome baby, would Liz Trotta have pitched a hissy fit? She may have seethed inside, because display of family values is not politically correct in some circles, but she would most likely have had the political smarts to zip her lip.

Sarah Palin’s political sin is that she’s Sarah Palin, not Liz Trotta et al.

People can identify with parents like Sarah and Todd Palin, who are not, thank God, embarrassed to be seen loving God’s children. That difference is what is driving political elites crazy with fear — fear that she will win and they will lose.

What really makes Sarah and Todd Palin so special is that because of their obvious love for God, they probably also have room in their hearts for love for the likes of Liz Trotta, who clearly could use a little.

John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for Newsmax.com.

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