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Obama's Phony War on Terror

Monday, 13 Jul 2009 11:42 AM

This may be the first time any country lost a war by legerdemain. Barack the Magic Magician is ignoring the war on terror into non-history.

Like the mesmerizing six-months “phony war” with no serious fighting between the Allies and Germany after the Nazis attacked Poland in September 1939, this current period of suspended animation between the United States and al-Qaeda may go down in history as President Barack Obama’s illusionary war.

Six months into his presidency, you’d never guess the U.S. is at war.

Look around you. Does this resemble a country at war?

There’s no talk about “the war effort.” around the breakfast table, at the workplace, in the streets, as in World War II. Where are the patriotic posters?

Who buys a $25 “war bond” for $18.75 – or even a single 25-cent “war stamp” to paste into a book of 75 stamps to trade in at a bank for a war bond?

Who collects meat drippings to contribute to national supplies of glycerin for conversion into munitions?

Who flattens tin cans to toss in with other scrap metal to drop in the form of bombs upon the enemy?

Enemy … what enemy? This president wants everyone to join him in being best buds with dictators of thug nations that provide sanctuary and sustenance to terrorists. Under Obama’s policies of “change,” even the very word terrorist is fast becoming taboo. Same for victory.

Who speaks of “making sacrifices” to “win” this war? What war is that?

The leftist mass media, so busy glorifying their president and other strange celebrities to pay much heed to actual news, are in full denial about the distasteful distraction of waging war abroad on terror – or even girding to thwart, let alone to fight back at, terrorist assaults upon America’s homeland.

Today, the height of patriotism is to sign on to Obama’s prestidigitations of schmoozing through threats. Instead of strengthening the nation’s defenses, political correctness a la Obama demands sparing enemies the bother and expense by weakening America’s defenses against them.

This self-inflicted immunization against concern about avowed foreign enemies who boast blatantly of their intent to destroy America seeps over into updating and bolstering this country’s means to wage conventional warfare. Just forget maintaining enough nuclear capability to protect the U.S. and its allies.

That’s what Americans can see, if they trouble to open their eyes and look.

How does it appear from the other side, from the perspective of enemies abroad and their willing and waiting agents within the U.S.?

Since Obama’s election and installation, things for them are looking better all the time. America is shamelessly shriveling the anti-terrorist measures that Obama’s predecessor in the White House worked so diligently to devise and shepherd through Congress to protect Americans from future 9/11 calamities.

Domestically, Obama’s policies and those of his far-left puppeteers have the greatest country in the history of the world staggering along the precipice of bankruptcy, its progeny for generations to come enslaved by inescapable debt to the very foreign lenders who are out to overtake and undermine America. And Obama is petulantly insisting on more, far more, of the same.

This president has located, and is lurching down, a road to a Marxist society that Marx, Lenin, and the whole lot never foresaw in their maddest dreams.

Not a shot need be fired, not a barricade left to storm. With avid help from its mass communications lair of leftist elitists, America is rapidly becoming a nation without a spine, devoid of a recognizable culture, robbed of its soul.

Under slick, diversionary, sleight-of-hand feats by Barack the Magic Magician, one moment you see the America you knew … now you don’t.

John L. Perry, a prize-winning newspaper editor and writer who served on White House staffs of two presidents, is a regular columnist for Newsmax.com. Read John Perry's columns here.

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