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Rudy and Hillary Hit Campaign Potholes

By John LeBoutillier   |   Thursday, 29 Nov 2007 11:17 AM

The so-called front-runners for their party’s presidential nominations — Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton — have just run into bad events that imperil their candidacies.

Let us examine: Late on Wednesday, Politico.com, which is filled with major league, credible political reporters, broke a sensational, well-documented story which shows that Rudy Giuliani and his staff purposely hid the expenses of his taxpayer funded trips to see his mistress at that time, Judy Nathan.

He has since divorced his wife — perhaps that was why he wanted it hidden, so she couldn’t use these trysts against him in the divorce.

But the issue here is not the affair; the real issue is why he chose to hide these costs — estimated to be over $500,000 — from New York City taxpayers. What Rudy and his staff did was a deliberate effort to hide, or cover-up, these out-of-town trips. How? By allocating these costs to obscure New York City agencies, such as one called the Loft Board, which regulated the rents and conditions of loft apartments.

Haven’t we all learned this lesson repeatedly: The cover-up is worse than the crime itself?

This issue is a window into the attitude and thinking of Rudy Giuliani. For those of us who have lived here in New York, we have seen this arrogant side of him that makes us not want him in the White House. His out-and-out lies about these costs and his knowledge of them is yet another example of his denials and evasions.

Let’s put it another way: If the facts were exactly the same but a Democrat did this, what would GOPers and conservatives say? We would be aghast that a leading presidential candidate was exposed as having hidden taxpayer funds from those very same taxpayers!

Hillary’s bad day yesterday comes from her hubby, Bill, who all of a sudden has announced that all along he was actually against the invasion of Iraq.

Oh really?

That is not how anyone remembers it. In 2003, when we invaded, both Hillary and Bill were all for it. But now that the war has been judged by Democrat primary voters and caucus-goers as a complete failure, the Clintons want to adjust their position. Just as she tried to adjust her position on driver's licenses for illegal aliens.

The Clintons think they are so clever because the so-called mainstream media has always allowed them to get away with running this kind of jive by us.

But that isn’t working anymore.

Bill Clinton’s attempt to bail out Hillary’s suddenly faltering campaign has only compounded the problem. Team Clinton looks desperate.

Barack Obama has the Clintons on the run, and Bill, ever the campaign strategist, has yet to get a handle on how to slow Obama down.

You can feel it slipping away from Hillary. She is in real trouble in Iowa and a loss there would cascade over to New Hampshire five days later where already her Iowa slippage has already reduced her New Hampshire lead.

Last night’s GOP/YouTube debate: What a total disaster the GOP’s leading candidates are! Looking at Romney and Rudy blast each other into oblivion, when they are both total poseurs, is just either laughable or sad. How could the GOP — the party of conservatives — be choosing among these frauds?

Yes, Ron Paul is a man of conviction and is doing well online and raising money. But he isn’t going to win the nomination.

Huckabee is hot right now — without anyone knowing anything about him!

He isn’t the answer at all. He is a big government liberal posing as a conservative. He is also a nasty man who treats people like dirt. The press hasn’t seen this side of him and may never as the Huckabees and McCains of this world have many faces.

When you look at the 15 or so people running for president, not one jumps out at you and says “I am the person to lead this country.”

Not one.

Maybe we need another candidate to get into this race at some point.

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