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Long Way to Go for Hillary

Thursday, 26 Jul 2007 09:20 AM

Here are some thoughts about recent news developments:

The Michael Vick dog-fighting indictments have opened many eyes about this brutal, barbaric practice.

And as awful as the details are, we all have a duty as citizens to learn and know what these alleged crimes are — so that we can apply pressure on authorities to go after this crime and try to put a stop to it.

How we treat animals is an indication of society; if we tolerate cruelty, then we, too, are barbarians. And it appears a sub-culture of the United States indeed regards this disgusting activity as a legitimate sport. This must stop.

The YouTube/CNN Democratic Presidential Debate showed why we can't have any of the Democrats be elected president. What a crew! They make the famous bar scene in Star Wars look mainstream!

An idea: what if talk-radio hosts around the country banned together and held a talk radio GOP presidential debate this fall — to be simulcast on dozens of talk-radio shows and stations around the country — with questions coming over the phone like any other talk-radio show?

And if some TV network wanted to simulcast it, that's fine. But the main thrust is the vast talk-radio universe of listeners and callers.

Soft drinks: the new study which shows that soft drinks — even diet ones — can cause us to have diabetes, heart disease, bad blood results (i.e., high tryglicerides) and metabolic disease — is big news. We all need to pay attention to this because, if true, and the diet soda lobbyists are already disputing it, it may help explain the epidemic of obesity we see daily all around us.

The presidential race: On the GOP side it is clear that McCain is gone. He may not yet know it, and his MSM buddies will still try to shore him up for a while, but it ain't happening for McCain. He's toast.

Giuliani and Romney lead the pack, Ron Paul gathers online momentum which has not yet translated into poll numbers worth talking about, and everyone awaits the entry of Fred Thompson.

More and more, however, political insiders are talking about what an inevitable bust Thompson will be. Some even speculate he will formally enter the race in September, bomb out, and then be out of the race by November.

Prediction: he will indeed be a major disappointment to his supporters. Whether he drops out or not, he will fail to galvanize the GOP like so many have anticipated. Indeed, we conservatives want a savior, another Reagan-like figure, to ride to our party's and our country's rescue. And that political savior will appear someday. But whether it is in time for the 2008 race, or years from now when things are in even worse shape, is still to be answered.

The Democrats: As of today, Obama is taking off the gloves against Hillary, and John Edwards can't get any attention unless he trots out his wife and has her attack either Ann Coulter or Hillary Clinton.

What a way to pick a president!

Yes, the national polls show Hillary's lead over Obama stabilizing or expanding. But it means nothing — absolutely nothing — at this point.

The race won't come into focus until December, about a month before Iowa. And Edwards is strong there. And Hillary has troubles there, too.

The money race: the most distressing, and telling, news lately is the huge advantage Democrats have in money raised across the board — presidential, House and Senate — and in cash-on-hand. They have an over-two-to-one advantage, which is unheard of in modern politics except for 1974 and Watergate.

The democrats have also husbanded their money better. They have a 3-to-1 advantage in cash-on-hand.

This, more than anything else, tells us just how dispirited Republican donors are; and we're talking about $50 givers, not just fat cats.

This is a key indicator of next year. And, as of now, the Democrats have all the momentum.

They will expand their hold on the House and Senate; no one seriously questions that today.

As for the White House, while they seem giddy about their chances, Hillary still presents a major problem. People don't like or trust her.

She might win even in a year that is defintely trending Democrat.

There is still a long, long way to go.

And many more surprises.

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