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Pat Robertson: Sotomayor Nomination an 'Outrage'

By Rick Pedraza   |   Wednesday, 27 May 2009 01:50 PM

Televangelist Pat Robertson says President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor is an “outrage.”

Robertson cited her views on judicial activism as he criticized her nomination during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday.

“I think Obama has reached out to one of the most left-wing judges that there is in the United States,” Robertson said. “I think it's an outrage.”

Robertson, founder and chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Christian Coalition, and host of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club,” said Republicans should focus on Sotomayor’s judicial decisions, which he believes make her extremely vulnerable.

Robertson made his comments shortly after the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, the voter-approved initiative to make same-sex marriage illegal that passed in November.

“I expected it,” Robertson said of the court ruling that California citizens must amend their Constitution if they want to see gay marriage realized. “I really did. I think that California court is not as nutty as the Ninth Circuit.”

Robertson, who campaigned to become the Republican Party's nominee in the 1988 presidential election, said the California Supreme Court had no other choice but to uphold Proposition 8.

“The people had clearly voted to amend the Constitution, and what can they say? I think kind of like Solomon: They'd split the baby, you know. They let existing marriage stand. But the rest they banned. I think it was a good ruling.”

Robertson told Hannity that on a scale of one to ten, he’d give Obama a two for his early handling of foreign policy and nuclear proliferation issues.

“I think that they [the Obama administration] just aren't willing to confront what's out there,” he said. “You talk about evil. (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad, we've studied him, studied what he says. He is a fervent — and I mean this deliberately — he is a fervent believer in the 12th Imam that he calls the Mahdi.

“And he believers the Mahdi is living in a well just south of Qum in Iran, and he believes that the Mahdi is going to return to earth during his administration. And the Mahdi will only come after there is universal chaos and great destruction and then he will rebuild, according to their belief,” Robertson said.

“Now, you say this is nutty, but he is nutty. He's crazy but he spoke about this at the United Nations. He speaks about it often, and he would not hesitate to incinerate Israel if he thought it would hasten the coming of the Mahdi.”

Robertson noted that no amount of international pressure or trade embargoes will dissuade Iran from taking nuclear weapons it’s building and using them “to blow up some people. He might turn it on Europe. He might turn it on Saudi Arabia. Who knows what he would do? But he is a madman.”

Israel has no other option but to take out Iran’s nuclear sites, Robertson said .

“None whatsoever,” he said. Ahmadinejad "has made it clear that he wants to destroy [Israel]. It's like Hitler in ‘Mein Kampf.’ He laid out the complete plan what he was going to do. But there was no ambiguity whatsoever. And yet the allies just said, ‘Oh, well; he's an Austrian paper hanger, and we don't take him seriously.’

“Well, look what he did. Fifty million people died in World War II because of him. And I think the Israelis have no choice because their very existence is at stake. And if he [Ahmadinejad] gets the bomb, and he has a delivery mechanism with a long-range rocket, not only could he imperil [Israel], he could imperil Europe. And he's dangerous — extremely dangerous!”

In his latest book on the economy, "Right on the Money," Robertson advises people to look after themselves and have a financial future.

“It's important,” he said. “Social Security is going bankrupt, as is Medicare. America is losing its preeminent position as an economic power because of this. How would anybody trust us anymore if we pull a stunt like [this] and essentially bankrupt [ourselves].”

Robertson said the key to wealth is gradual accumulation.

“It’s something Jesus talked about: the law of use coupled with the exponential curve," Robertson said.

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