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Glenn Beck Slams Time, Praises Newsmax

By David A. Patten   |   Thursday, 17 Sep 2009 09:50 PM

Is the new issue of Time magazine another mainstream media hit job on Fox News host Glenn Beck?

The magazine's latest cover features Beck, whose TV show has been breaking records by attracting up to 3 million viewers a night, along with the headline: "Mad Man: Glenn Beck and the angry style of American politics."

During his nationally syndicated radio program Thursday, Beck addressed the Time cover story, calling it "fair."

But he added, "They talk about how I'm just, I'm fearful of everything and I'm just, I'm creating all of these fears and these worries, and I also, I'm almost conspiratorial in nature."

During the same program, Beck praised Newsmax magazine for its October edition, which also features the Fox News star on its cover. [Newsmax magazine’s special edition “Glenn Beck Wants You!” will be released soon – get on our priority list to get your copy and get Glenn’s book “Common Sense” absolutely free – just pay shipping – Click Here Now]

In recent weeks, Beck has mounted an impassioned defense of American liberties and the U.S. Constitution. Specifically:

  • The 912 Project march on Washington, D.C., drew more than 1 million people by some accounts on Saturday, and almost certainly more than the "tens of thousands" reported in the mainstream media.

  • Beck and his followers contributed to the ouster of leftist “green jobs czar” Van Jones after exposing his radical politics and his sympathy for 9/11 conspiracy theories.

  • He rocketed to prominence the ACORN expose by two young documentary journalists, which led to the controversial organization's being defunded this week by both chambers of Congress.

  • Beck's reports added to the growing momentum against the Obama administration's reliance on “czars” to extend its leftist political agenda beyond the reach of the Senate's constitutional advise-and-consent powers. Leading Democrats now expressing serious reservations about the czars – a term the Obama administration insists is inaccurate and shouldn't be used –include Sens. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Dianne Feinstein of California, and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

    The increasing influence of Beck's supporters is reflected in the fact that Beck himself has come under heavy attack lately.

    The Democratic National Committee this week released a new 30-second advertising spot that mocks Beck's concerns that the president relies too much on the special advisers, or czars, with radical or leftist leanings.

    On his radio show Thursday, Beck pointed out that Time accused him of stoking America's fears. Yet it promoted above his cover image a report on swine flu phobia and a story warning the nation's financial system remains broken.

    "Remember," a bemused Beck told listeners, "I'm the one that's stoking the fears."

    Beck went on to say, "The hypocrisy is insane. Oh, and by the way, part of the article is about how much money that, you know, Beck Inc. as they call it, how much money it makes.

    "OK. Great. Do they mention how much money we give? Do they mention that we match charitable giving for the employees? Do they mention the benefits of healthcare that this company gives? Do they mention any of that? No, of course they don't. Of course they don't because it doesn't fit, doesn't fit in someone's agenda. No one has yet done that story. Because it shows – 'Wait a minute, I thought he was a greedy capitalist.'

    "And by the way," Beck added, "it talks about, am I just making money and gaining riches off of pointing out people and saying, this guy's bad, this guy's bad. May I ask, did Time magazine put my face on the cover as an anti-capitalist move?

    "They don't want to sell any issues of Time magazine? . . . I have a feeling they don't think so.

    Beck went on to compare Time's cover story with the upcoming October edition of Newsmax magazine, which depicts a smiling Beck on its cover and offers the headline "Just a Happy Warrior" on the opening spread.

    "And by the way," Beck told listeners, "again the difference between the left and the right. I'm a mad, mad man and how the angry, you know, the angry right, blah, blah, blah . . .

    "There is the cover of Newsmax magazine, which I read on the airplane yesterday.

    "Gosh, thank you, Newsmax. What an in-depth article, and a fair article. Thank you," Beck said.

    The Newsmax cover story on the Fox News host is based on extensive research and an in-depth, candid interview conducted in Beck's New York City offices by Newsmax Editor in Chief Christopher Ruddy.

    The Newsmax report includes a timeline of Beck's career, a feature on some of the personal trials that influenced his life, a look at his burgeoning entertainment empire, and the wide-ranging interview.

    Beck tells Newsmax that the guiding principle of his success is sharing his honest opinions and deeply held convictions with his audience, no matter what.

    "So now which is it?" Beck asked his radio audience on Thursday. "Am I happy or am I angry? Are you happy or are you angry? I contend we're a little pissed off. Yeah. Because we feel our country is being stolen. But that doesn't make us – we're not angry. We're not all dressed in black like almost everybody in New York. We're happy still. We're happy. We're just not going to take it anymore."

    [Newsmax magazine’s special edition “Glenn Beck Wants You!” will be released soon – get on our priority list to get your copy and get Glenn’s book “Common Sense” absolutely free – just pay shipping – Click Here Now]

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