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Morris: Healthcare Bill Stakes Are Life and Death

By Rick Pedraza   |   Friday, 16 Oct 2009 05:21 PM

Newsmax contributor Dick Morris says the American people must rise up in opposition to the healthcare reform bill before it’s too late.

Morris, a harsh critic of Obamacare and a staunch critic of the healthcare legislation passed out of the Senate Finance Committee, told Newsmax.TV the bill gives him nausea and headaches.

“It makes my head hurt,” Morris said. “Not just that it passed out of the committee: We expected that. I had hoped that [Sen.] Blanche Lincoln, the most endangered of the Democrats, might defect and be opposed to it. I certainly had hoped that [Sen.] Olympia Snowe would vote with her fellow Republicans against it.”

To see the video of Dick Morris assessing the healthcare reform proposals — Click Here.

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Snowe’s defection should send a message to all Americans to get busy, Morris said.

“This is a bill that America opposes by 10-15 points, and senior citizens oppose by 20 points,” he told Newsmax. “Everybody gets it that this bill is going to cut medical care, force rationing, and can’t cover 32 million people without any extra doctors or nurses. Yet the Senate goes ahead and blithely passes it out of committee.

”What this means, Morris said, is that America essentially has a runaway Congress that is voting its own ideology and not that of its constituency. “Americans have yet to make themselves heard sufficiently,” he told Newsmax.

“After the much-publicized town hall meetings in August, everybody got complacent, fat and happy. But we have another two months or so with fighting on this thing. We’ll have a floor vote in the Senate in a couple of weeks, then in the House, and then conference committee [before it goes] back for re-passage. Those are all places where we can kill this bill. But [it won’t] happen unless the American people get active!”

Morris doesn’t believe moderate Republicans in Congress will follow Snowe’s lead and vote for the bill. “I don’t think a single Republican will, but they don’t need another Republican,” he said. “With Olympia Snowe and a united Democratic Party, they’ll have 61 votes in the Senate. But this thing has a long way to go.”

A lot of Democrats won’t vote for a healthcare reform bill that doesn’t have a public option in it because they worry about the increase in insurance premiums, Morris said.

Lawmakers are being dishonest in saying they know what’s in the bill, he said.

“This is like the English Constitution: It’s sort of unwritten. It’s amazing it’s going through this way.”

Despite the healthcare bill under consideration in the Senate being designed to help the uninsured, the legislation as written is set up to eliminate any severe penalty to force uninsured individuals to buy insurance.

“If they don’t make them buy insurance, they won’t until they get sick,” Morris said. “When they get sick, the company has to cover them. They can’t exclude [individuals] from pre-existing conditions. Why on earth should [a company] pay the premiums year after year while [individuals] are healthy when if they get sick they can sign up right away and get the same policy and a subsidy to buy it?”

And who replaces the premium income they won’t have paid? “We do,” Morris said, “in higher insurance premiums. I don’t believe that the members of the Senate Finance Committee really understand that.”

Morris noted that a provision placed in the bill at the last minute attacks sick people. “If you are so sick and so poor that you have to spend 7 1/2 percent of your income or more on medical expenses, you can deduct them on your income taxes. [Yet] under this bill, you can’t deduct them until it reaches 10 percent.”

Morris said that other than government control, healthcare and the Department of Motor Vehicles have nothing in common but crashes, chaotic driving, traffic jams, and lines.

“You have to wait hours to get your driver’s license renewed,” Morris pointed out, “and you’ll have to wait months to get your colonoscopy approved. Waiting lists is what they have in common."

As the healthcare bill moves through Congress, Morris said, there will be tremendous pressure from House Democrats and some liberals in the Senate to include a public option. Then there will be tremendous pressure from moderates to cut back and eliminate Medicare cuts, or at least reduce them. There will also be pressure on some of premium issues.

“The important point is the climate in which this takes place,” Morris told Newsmax.

“If the climate is one of apathy, laid-back, and nobody commenting, and we’re all talking about the Nobel Prize, Afghanistan, and Chicago getting the Olympics, nobody’s focusing on healthcare. [If that happens], this bill is going to sail through and our healthcare system [and we] will be destroyed by the time we wake up.”

To see the video of Dick Morris assessing the healthcare reform proposals — Click Here.

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