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Myths About Prostate Cancer

Wednesday, 01 Dec 2010 02:31 PM

Lot ofInformation about prostate health is available to make one well-versed with the diseases affecting it, but still, people have a lot of myths about prostate health. Elder men often discuss these myths about prostate health in their get-togethers. All myths about prostate health are an invitation to complications in future. Despite so much awareness campaigns by the government and private agencies, many patients are seen having these myths about prostate health. Most men having myths about prostate health do not lead a quality life. Out of various diseases of prostate, it is very important to differentiate between prostate cancer myths and facts. These myths about prostate health claim 30,000 American lives every year, primarily due to prostate cancer. The myths about prostate cancer are:
1.         One of the commonest myths about prostate cancer is that “Prostate cancer is a rare entity causing death in Americans.” 
But actually, prostate cancer is the second most leading cause of deaths due to cancers in American men, the first one being lung cancer. The ignorance about facts of prostate cancer makes sufferers reluctant to go for screening and treatment.
2.          “It is a disease affecting males in their 60s,” is amongst other myths about prostate cancer.
This is not true. Older men do have a greater risk of getting prostate cancer, though many sufferers get affected in their 40s and 50s too. The diagnostic procedures are getting advanced making it easier to diagnose prostate cancer in early stages. Knowing these facts of prostate cancer may bring more sufferers to the physicians.
3.         Other common myths about prostate cancer say that “one need not go for any testing if he does not have any symptoms.”
It is commonly presumed that if someone has prostate cancer, he would experience severe pain, urination problems, etc. But various other prostate-related diseases like prostatitis and enlargement of prostate may have similar symptoms. Sometimes, people do not suffer from symptoms in early stages, while at times, dribbling of urine, hesitancy, etc. may be symptoms of underlying prostate cancer.
4.            People think that if one has normal “prostate surface antigen” levels, the chance of getting prostate cancer is ruled out. This is amongst many other myths about prostate cancer prevalent in masses.
There are many instances when PSA levels are not raised but the person suffers from prostate cancer. Alternatively, raised PSA levels are also seen in other conditions like simple enlargement of prostate and inflammation of prostate. PSA alone is not a sure indicator of prostate malignancy. Digital rectal examination by a doctor is always advised, apart from prostate biopsy.
5.            Many sticking to myths about prostate cancer believe that “I may get prostate cancer from someone having it.”
The facts of prostate cancer are entirely different from the misconceptions about it. Prostate cancer is neither infectious nor communicable. So, one can’t pass or take it from others through contact.
These myths about prostate cancer must not find space in the course of treatment. The outcome of treatment is affected by the myths about prostate cancer, as they are always misleading. Hence, myths about prostate cancer must be busted so that patients can come forward to benefit from research and advancement in treatment. Thorough understanding of the facts helps in busting myths about prostate cancer.

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