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Newsmax E-mail News Alerts Get Response!'s online audience includes more than 1.8 million opt-in subscribers to our News Alerts emails.

Unlike many other email lists, Newsmax readers are hungry for our content and actually read our emails. Newsmax email readers are affluent, highly responsive and highly educated with incredible purchasing power.

Check out some of our key lists:

News Alerts — 1,400,000 opt-in subscribers
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Newsmax readers are not only tuned into their world and current events, they are a demographic that cares about their well-being; their health, their wealth and their lifestyle. They are highly responsive to offers that support their privileged way of life

Key Data:
  • Over 15% are millionaires
  • 94% shop online regularly
  • 85% have been to college
  • 52% more likely to own a luxury car
  • 96% are registered to vote

Moneynews Alerts — 250,000 opt-in subscribers
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This powerhouse list of investors are anxious to hear the latest financial and investment news. These consumers track not only the economy, but want the latest stock, bond, commodity, currency, and other market trends. They want to protect and grow their wealth.

Key Data:
  • 30% more likely to have a portfolio valued at over $250,000
  • 65% have an account with an investment company
  • 219% more likely to buy/sell mutual funds or bonds
  • $81,000 is the mean household income

Health Alerts — 115,000 opt-in subscribers
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This list of our most health conscious readers are seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Newsmax offers them the latest health and medical news, as well as health and nutritional advise from renowned nutritionist Dr. Russell Blaylock and a weekly “Ask Dr. Hibberd” column from Peter Hibberd, M.D. This audience is highly responsive to health, medical, nutritional and alternative health promotions, in addition to offers that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Key Data:
  • 126% more likely to shop online for health insurance
  • 27% have shopped online for medications
  • 89% more likely to buy fitness and diet products
  • Twice as likely to purchase vitamins and supplements online

Our Email Policy Protects YOU!

Because our email lists are important to us and our readers, we go to great lengths to ensure their integrity. For you, that means a better response to your marketing campaigns:

  • We do not purchase lists from 3rd party vendors. Newsmax lists are 100% opt-in and include only those who are genuinely interested in receiving notifications from us. That translates to a better open rate for you.
  • Newsmax subscribes to six of the major ISP feedback loops. These tools automatically unsubscribe people who don't wish to receive our emails. That means that you won't be paying for un-interested recipients.
  • Our procedures have been certified and safe-listed by both “Return Path Sender” and “Habeas”, so deliverability of our news products is generally 97-98%. That means that our emails reach the recipients.
  • We are 100% CANSPAM compliant and a member of the Direct Marketing Association. Our credibility translates to peace of mind for you.

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