The ObamaCare Survival Guide

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The Obamacare Survival Guide is terrific. It lays out the truth . . . a must read for anyone who is worried about getting good healthcare for themselves or their employees.

When President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, he handed Americans one of the most sweeping pieces of social legislation in U.S. history.

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld ObamaCare, it is imperative that the American people understand the overwhelming impact it will have on their lives.

Obamacare 911

The Act totals more than 2700 pages and covers nearly 500 provisions – but few know what it really does to them, their families and their businesses.

For the first time, Humanix Books provides a detailed and easy-to-read guide of the law and its implications for every American.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide: The Affordable Care Act and What It Means for You and Your Healthcare is like calling ObamaCare 911. It helps Americans understand the intricacies of ObamaCare, and will serve as a valuable resource to those currently insured, those who are not, and the tens of millions of seniors, youth, business people and others who will be affected by the new law.

The ObamaCare Survival Guide reveals:

  • How currently insured will be affected, including rising premium costs
  • Medicare shocker: cuts in benefits, new rules
  • The coming Medicaid-Medicare merger
  • New protections for the uninsured
  • ObamaCare 911: Hidden fees and levies
  • New taxes for the affluent
  • New taxes for “Cadillac” insurance plans
  • Small businesses: new requirements, tax credits
  • Business owners: fines, new rules
  • Prescription drug users: new fees
  • Medical professionals: new requirements
  • A timetable for each part of the healthcare plan
  • Essential benefits insurance companies must provide
  • ObamaCare’s impact on long-term care
  • Coming rationing for seniors
  • New state exchanges to buy insurance
  • Your responsibilities and penalties under the new laws
  • How to maximize your healthcare dollar on the new plan
  • ObamaCare 911: The cost to you as a consumer
  • And much, much more . . .

The ObamaCare Survival Guide is undoubtedly the most important
book you’ll read this year as you prepare for the upcoming changes under this
new legislation.

About the Author:

Nicholas J. Tate is an award-winning journalist and editor who has written extensively about health and consumer affairs issues. After a fellowship at the Harvard School of Public Health, he authored “The Sick Building Syndrome.” His work has also appeared in the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Boston Herald, Newsmax and other publications.

About the Publisher:

Humanix Books has published for over three decades in the areas of self-help, business, finance, learning and health.